Postural Assessment & Correction

15 min - FREE

Postural Assessment and Correction provides a full postural evaluation and corrective exercises to address postural misalignment. An objective evaluation of your posture generates a personalized exercise routine for lasting changes to your alignment. Can be used in conjunction with other services or individually. Assessments are 15 minute sessions. New clients start here!

Orthopedic Manual Therapy

1 Session: 60 min

Orthopedic Manual Therapy employs soft tissue work to increase circulation, break up scar tissue and ease pain and utilizes mobilization of joints to loosen tight tissue and improve flexibility and alignment. This unique multidisciplinary approach will eliminate even the most complex pain conditions and will facilitate myoskeletal alignment through the body. Orthopedic Manual Therapy can be scheduled in 30 minute or 60 minute (recommended) sessions.

Sports Performance Training

1 hour - Package Prices Vary

Sports Performance Training sessions dramatically improve physical ability and reduce injury in athletes of all levels from novice through professional. Sessions are structured to take athletes to the next level by building on functional movement techniques and training. Sports Performance includes training in strength and conditioning, speed and agility, and power production to maximize performance, balance, coordination, energy capacity and so much more! Training sessions are 60 minutes long.

Keep you on track

Ensure your work out

Evaluate your progress


This specialized system of coaching and training methods is held, and will continue to be held, to the highest possible standards the industry has to offer. This allows us to develop and implement the very best possible and sound performance enhancement, injury reduction and, and execute the implementation and coaching of these programs in the most ethical and safest manner possible for our athletes and clients. This, in turn, allows our athletes and clients to accomplish the goals they initially set as well as achieve additional positive outcomes they may not have thought were possible. 



1. Create and provide an integrated facility with state of the art cutting edge equipment, resources and expert specialists in Performance Enhancement, Functional Movement, Strength & Conditioning, Postural Assessment, Injury Reduction, Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Massage Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching, medical cupping all working together as one elite connected team with the synergistic focus of providing the very best to meet the needs of each Pro To Col Sport Systems client and athlete.


2. Provide and educate our clients in the most efficient and effective training, reconditioning and nutritional methods to reduce pain, current injuries, and decrease the potential for future injuries through rehabilitating and restoring the proper biomechanical movements and functions of the body. 

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3. Empower our athletes, clients, and community by providing expert educational workshops, seminars, materials and products on Pro To Col Sport Systems training, reconditioning and nutritional methods on an ongoing basis allowing the community we serve the opportunity to reach its optimal potential.