Hips Don’t Lie pt 2: What To Do About Your Hip Pain

00:26Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCOkay. Yeah, we’re talking about the hips again.  00:29Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCSo.  Not Just Where The Femur Meets The Acetabulum  00:30Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCLast week, if you guys were with us last week, we talked about hip pain and what he had pain actually was.  Remember, went by about like why we […]

Hips Don’t Lie pt 1: What To Do About Your Hip Pain

00:25Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCYour hips shouldn’t be that wide open. Oh not yours. Hey, welcome to Wednesday today. We’re talking about hips,  00:33Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCHips,  00:34Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCHips, and hip pain and hip movement. Why we have random, weird pain all over the place and what actually it is.  00:45Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCAbsolutely.  […]