Sitting: The Modern-Day Epidemic

00:29Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCHey guys, welcome to another episode of tissue talk. Today we are talking all about sitting as we sit here. As we sit here, talking to you about sitting is like the modern day epidemic.  Don’t Sit Too Long! You guys, it is something that is really bad that’s going on and […]

Posterior Tilt: What It Is & How To Use it

00:25Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCLet’s just jump in and get it. Today we are talking about posterior tilt. What the hell is it?  01:22Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCAnd why do we need it?  01:23Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCIt?  Low Back Pain And Posterior Tilt Issues San Diego 01:24Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCWell, low back, but yes, low back pain. […]