1. They will find the source of your pain

Often times, where you are feeling pain is not actually where the problem is. Pain in your back can be caused by a weak core or posterior chain. If you don’t activate your glutes, you could be putting undue strain on many areas of your body.

The pain you are feeling is often the “victim” at a crime scene. Your muscles and joints will scream and ache, but in order to solve the problem you have to find the “criminal”. A certified Manual Therapist will be able to detect the criminals and dysfunctions in your body to get you back on the road to relief.

2. You will be educated on how to keep your pain from coming back

A great OMT is going to help you relieve pain during a session, but will also tell you what to do to stop the pain from coming back in the future.

Sometimes these pains are a quick fix, but many can take time to alter bad habits you’ve been doing for 20+ years. But, if you are diligent and listen to the instructions and homework your OMT gives you at each session, eventually you won’t have to see them anymore. How nice would that be?

3. Care is provided no matter what your condition is

When you are recently out of surgery, have a tender injury or a low pain tolerance, an OMT will be able to use their well rounded background to provide you care. Trainings and techniques can include: