Proper Core Activation: The Key To Alleviating Chronic Back Pain

00:01Hey guys, it’s Julie, over here at protocol sport systems. Today, we are going to be learning about the actual way of doing posterior tilt, working on really effectively using the abdominal area, connecting the deep abdominal core and really firing off the glutes.  Have low back pain that just doesn’t go away? Now, a […]

Protocol Doesn’t Take Insurance. Here’s Why.

00:00Alright. Alright, you guys today, we are going to talk about why we don’t take insurance. This is Julie and Kara protocol sport systems. We get asked a ton about why we don’t take insurance.  Because people always want to use our insurance for therapy. There’s a really big reason why, first of all, in […]

Not Healing From Injuries? Here’s Why.

00:50Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCWe’re talking about habits today.  Habits, habits, habits, and mainly why do you not really want to get better? Because so, okay, don’t get me wrong. We totally believe that your pain is real and we totally believe that you are in an injury and you have something going on with you.  […]

Hormones And Soft Tissue With Dr. Brook Leverone

00:00We’re a little squished in here today, but it’s okay. We all love each other. We’ve all been around each other a lot. So we’re good.  Today you guys, we are talking hormones and soft tissue. Exciting, exciting. And we have a special guest. I know, right? Dr. Brooke Leverone is a hormone specialist. She […]

Scraping: What Is It, And Should You Do It?

00:01Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCTo scrape or not to scrape. That is the question. Whether it is nobler to suffer the pain of outrageous techniques. Oh, hi everybody. Welcome to Wednesday tissue talk.  What Is Scraping, or IASTM? 00:23Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCAnd me. I’m here to I’m nine. He’s not the only one doing techniques. I’m […]

Finding The “Why” Of Your Injury

00:54Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCOkay. Today we’re actually going to, hi Laurie. Welcome today. We’re actually going to talk about finding your why.  It sounds really random as far as the tissue and soft tissue, but let me explain what I’m thinking about this. So, we have a lot of people who come into this clinic. […]

Walk This Way: Why Your Gait Matters

00:16Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCToday, welcome to Wednesday. And today we are talking about gait.  00:21Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCGait. Putting one foot in front of the other. 00:32Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCI get joy out of these programs just for that alone today, we are talking about gait. Why is gait so important? gait is actually how […]

Ankle Pain And How To Work With It

01:49Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCHi guys. Welcome. Today we’re going to talk about all things, foot and ankle, because you can’t have one thing without the other.  We’re going to go into depth of the foot bones and all the bones that make up the foot and all that cool stuff next week.  Today we need […]

Everything You Want To Know About Knees And Knee Pain

00:01Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCHi, welcome to Wednesday and other tissue talk fabulous day here in San Diego, California,  The Body’s Middleman 00:36Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCHere’s why knees are so important.  These are very close to me. Here’s why, because I started this business because of my knees. Like that is the inception of protocol sports […]

Hips Don’t Lie pt 2: What To Do About Your Hip Pain

00:26Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCOkay. Yeah, we’re talking about the hips again.  00:29Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCSo.  Not Just Where The Femur Meets The Acetabulum  00:30Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCLast week, if you guys were with us last week, we talked about hip pain and what he had pain actually was.  Remember, went by about like why we […]