Hips Don’t Lie pt 1: What To Do About Your Hip Pain

00:25Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCYour hips shouldn’t be that wide open. Oh not yours. Hey, welcome to Wednesday today. We’re talking about hips,  00:33Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCHips,  00:34Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCHips, and hip pain and hip movement. Why we have random, weird pain all over the place and what actually it is.  00:45Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCAbsolutely.  […]

The Difference Between Doing The Movement And Feeling The Movement

00:12Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCYes. We’re going to, yes. Yes. We are talking today about doing and feeling your movement.  00:19Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCDoing versus feeling.  00:21Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCOr feeling.  00:22Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCAnd feeling. Cause you’re either doing it or you’re feeling it and doing it well,  00:27Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCYou should feel it […]

Facet Joints & Back Pain Solutions in San Diego

00:13Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCToday we’re going to talk about back pain because we love back pain. We don’t love back pain. We love to get you out of back pain.  We like to help you out with your back pain. We want to teach you about back pain, but today we’re talking about a different […]

Rib Pain: What It Means And How To Help It

00:30Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCHey guys, welcome to tissue talk today. We are talking about ribs, ribs, and why we need them. Why they hurt, why they give us back pain.  So, so listen. When most people think of back pain, yes. They don’t usually think of ribs.  Why Your Ribs Could Be Causing Your Back […]

Nerve Impingement: Why Are My Fingers Falling Asleep?

00:23Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCOkay. So welcome today to tissue talk. I don’t really understand it, but I just work here.  Hey, so listen, today we are going to talk about why our fingers keep falling asleep.  Why we have pain running down our arms, where we’re getting this radicular pain.  What is the pain running […]

Do I Have Tennis Elbow?

00:14Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCWhy do we got an elbow here?  00:16Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCOkay. Well, I couldn’t just bring the elbow. So I brought the whole arm.  00:21Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCFantastic.  00:21Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCCause we’re going to talk about elbows today.  What is tennis elbow? What is golfer’s elbow? 00:25Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCOr specifically […]

Manual Therapy: What It Is And How It Can Help

00:00Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCHey guys. Hey, it’s Julie here at protocol support systems. I have with us, Julian, who is one of our orthopedic manual therapists on staff, pretty amazing.  I’m sure you’ve seen him in videos, but I wanted everybody to get to know you better for those who haven’t really been up here […]

The Healing Power Of Touch

00:17Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCYes. Congratulations. We made it and it’s a crazy day already. Today we’re going to talk about something that I think everybody needs more of.  Yes. We’re talking about touch. The reason why we thought about doing touches,  The Power Of Touch 00:38Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCOver the holiday and around the new […]

What Is IASTM aka “Scraping”?

00:00Mike Julian LMT, CAMTCHey there. This is Julie. Welcome to tissue talk where we talk about every day, everything soft tissue. All right. Welcome. Today’s topic is IASTM it is to scrape or not to scrape.  00:17Julie Pitois LMT, CAMTCOh, scrape. It had no idea. That’s a lot of letters.  What is Scraping for Mild […]

It’s A Pain In The Neck

00:08Julie PToday we are going to talk about pains in the neck. Why do we have pain in our neck and our upper back and our shoulders? Right?  We’re doing a lot of sitting these days, make it home. Makeshift desks, makeshift offices. We got kids on the go on the dining room table in […]