What it is Reiki?
Reiki is a type of Energy work that originated in Japan, by founder Dr. Mikao Usui in the 1900’s. It is
Universal life force energy. To heal the Mind, body and spirit. Some even say that Jesus used a form
of energy healing.

Everyone has access to energy; we are all made of energy. We can feel it when we rub our hands
together to generate heat, and there is often a tingling feeling that comes with that. It is very subtle,
but the more you pay attention, the more sensitive you become to those subtle energies.

What does Reiki do?

Since we are made of Energy, Reiki aids in balancing the energies in our body.
This makes the bodywork in a harmonious state reducing physical and emotional stress. A reduction
in stress has a huge impact on the body’s function with many benefits such as stronger immune
system, better sleep, a faster healing process when it comes to injury and supports any other
treatments (cancer, therapy, or any other healing modalities. There is no harm or bad effects. All
people benefit, there are no contraindications with any health conditions.

Even with intentions, when channeling energy to a specific area for a client, Reiki will go to where it is
needed most, it will find it’s way to the areas that need the most energy and healing.
How long is a session? A session can be as short as 30 minutes, but can be even up to 2 hours
How it works with pain/nervous system

What came first, the chicken or the egg?
With some forms of pain, it can be emotional, was there stress, high anxiety or other emotional stress
when the pain arises? Or an injury that you just can get over no matter what you try? Sometimes we
hold onto those emotions, and the pain remains.

Reiki is the energy channeled by a practitioner to a client to help clear those emotions that are tied to
the pain, relieving the pain. It is different for everyone

How can we incorporate that into our system? As we work with clients, depeinding on their
situation, we can discuss how best to incorporate into the client’s program. Ideally a separate session
would be best to have a quiet location to allow both the client and practitioner to concentrate, relax
and fully immerse into the treatment. In a deep tissue massage session, I would start with Reiki for
approx. 30 minutes and then complete the session with a 30-60 minute massage. Or if the client
needs an entire 60-minute session. It is also possible to include reiki throughout the session, like a
meditative massage.

What can happen during or after a session? During the session, the client lays on a table, floor or
even can be seated. The practitioner gets grounded and says a prayer asking for guidance and uses

a set of symbols to work on emotional and physical energies. These help with filtering energies in and
out and increasing the power of the energy the practitioner is channeling.

Clients have expressed visions, colors, various sensations, and pain relief
What to do after a session? Hydration, good nutrition, feel and notice any changes, physically and

My personal experiences:
When I first started I would get headaches, really bad when doing a session. Grounding techniques
and a good separation between energies are necessary. Now I get tingling in my hands, eyes, and mouth.